We will be clusters of international schools linked to one another and to the world.


vKIS provides unique environment and avenues for children to rediscover their intelligence and abilities via facilities for performing task that will meet higher order thinking skills.

Small but Unique
・Small class size: Accept maximum 20 students in the school
・ Developmentally appropriate:
Levels of lesson will depend on the child's skills and capability
・Open-ended activities: Kids are responsible for what they explore
Daily Schedule
8:00 Circle Time
9:00 Math Module
10:00 Brain Teasing iPad Applications
11:00 Science / PE / Arts
12:30 Lunch
13:30 Social Studies / Mother Tongue
14:30 English Module
15:30 Self Reflection
16:00 Review of the Day's Acitivities, Dismissal Time
After-school Programs
Coming Soon
Yearly Schedule
Sep : Entrance Ceremony
Oct : Halloween Trick or Treat
Nov : Gardening
Dec : Christmas Party
Jan : Soba Making Party
Feb : Global Meeting
Mar : Sports Day
April : School Trip
May : Special Workshop
June : Performance Day
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