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We will be clusters of international schools linked to one another and to the world.
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vKIS provides unique environment and avenues for children to rediscover their intelligence and abilities via facilities for performing task that will meet higher order thinking skills.

Small but Unique
Small but Unique

・Small class size: Accept maximum 20 students in the school ・ Developmentally appropriate: Levels of lesson will depend on the child's skills and capability ・Open-ended activities: Kids are responsible for what they explore

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Daily Schedule
Daily Schedule

8:00 Circle Time 9:00 Math Module 10:00 Brain Teasing iPad Applications 11:00 Science / PE / Arts 12:30 Lunch 13:30 Social Studies / Mother Tongue 14:30 English Module 15:30 Self Reflection 16:00 Review of the Day's Acitivities, Dismissal Time

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After-school Programs
After-school Programs

Coming Soon

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Yearly Schedule
Yearly Schedule

Sep : Entrance Ceremony Oct : Halloween Trick or Treat Nov : Gardening Dec : Christmas Party Jan : Soba Making Party Feb : Global Meeting Mar : Sports Day April : School Trip May : Special Workshop June : Performance Day

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Our work


vKIS is the venue for children to design their lives, connect to the people and accomplish challenging tasks with confidence and creativity.

vKIS is always ready to provide experiential learning and various activities to the children.



  • English is used to communicate as world citizen

  • Mother tongue is incorporated

  • Science

  • Technology

  • Engineering

  • Arts

  • Mathematics


Active Learning

  • Project Based Learning

  • Authentic Experiences

  • Self-reflection



We are working on developing vKirirom Nature City wherein vKirirom International School is based, under the supervision of Kirirom Institute of Technology.

From here at the huge 9,000 hectares land in the Kirirom National Park in Cambodia, we are going to solve many social issues that are happening all over the world such as education, living condition, employment rate and others. People call us Silicon Valley in Cambodia.

vKirirom offers 3 key things to the people who visit vKirirom:

1. Power of Nature 

2. Power of Serendipity 

3. Power of Learning

And, vKIS (vKirirom International School) is the first international school in vKirirom. We are going to deviate from the norm and introduce a new concept of teaching approach with full respect towards the traditional educational system.

The plan is to launch 10 vKIS that will be located in different areas of vKirirom Nature City. Moreover, vKIS will expand to the world especially to developing countries or any regions that traditional educational system is not ideal.

We believe that the children who will graduate from vKIS will be a leader of their lives and will always be connected to the world regardless of distance and nationality.






Working at fast growing IT company and children learning in English immersive school “Parent-Child work-study abroad program”

This program was created to provide valuable opportunities to as many families as possible, for a brighter future for parents and their children. At vKirirom Nature City, we offer parents jobs and opportunities to improve themselves, while we teach their children in English immersive schools using the latest in information technology.

You may have many questions such as:

・What and where is Kirirom Nature City?

・​What is the accreditation level of vKIS?

・How different is vKIS from other international schools?

・What kind of jobs and opportunities await parents?

・How much are the salaries, tuition, and cost of living?

​・What qualifications do children need to meet (English level, etc.)

Do not hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to answer these and any other questions. 

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